So, how does this work?

Publishing with Sermon to Book is a full-service experience. We take you from a sermon series (in any format) to a professionally published book.

Did you know that you can have almost 0 touch on the entire process until you have a day to read and approve the final proof?

No publishing hassle
No worrying about book cover design
No formatting complications
We do everything in top-notch quality with a focused team of experts in every part of the process.

The Sermon To Book method is designed for busy pastors.

Our system saves you time and energy so that your focus remains exactly where it should: on your flock.

Real quick,
let’s look behind the scenes and see what kind of time commitment will be required.

What You Do

After your book is published, host a book launch party! (optional but highly recommended!)

The book launch party might be our favorite part.


Publishing a book is a thrilling accomplishment. But celebrating with fellow brothers and sisters, friends and family? That’s even better.

Your written contributions.

Write your dedication & author bio.

Decide which sermons you’d like to use & send us your selection.

Select your sermon series and send us your selection via online file sharing (preferred) or on a compact disc.


What We Do

We develop your audio files into transcribed chapters

We transcribe your sermons, word for word, and arrange them into chapters.

Developmental edit

We thoroughly edit, rearrange, and rewrite portions of your sermons so they read like a fluid, concise, powerful book.


Readers expect a published work to be free of mistakes. We do too.


Our outstanding design team produces excellent quality covers.

Sales copy.

Our marketing team captures the best portions and heartbeat of your book in a concise and compelling manner.

Optional Features:

Crowdsource Campaign

Earn back every penny you invest in your book, before your book is even published!


Want to learn more about publishing for free? Crowdsourcing is a great way raise funds for your book by using pre-orders in a fun and creative way. Discover more about the benefits in our Secrets of Crowdsourcing guide.


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Publishing Pastor Platform

We run multiple ad campaigns, create reader attraction ebooks, long-form blog posts, and email opt-ins with autoresponder sequences (not to mention host quarterly strategy sessions with you!)


We create an audiobook version and publish it through (a branch of This allows readers to consume your book during their commute to and from work, or during their morning run.

Full Ghostwriting

We flesh out your book extensively while staying true to the heart and soul of your message.

Point Ghostwriting

We enhance every chapter with our 7-point writing system designed to hook and persuade the reader (one step beyond the Developmental edit).


Help readers interact with your book via question prompts, action summaries, and space to write down their thoughts!

That’s it! Pretty simple, right?

We hope you are inspired to get started transforming your sermon series into a book.

Caleb Breakey

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