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Living and Leading by Faith

by Jerry Harmon

In Christ, you already have victory, power, and an unshakable inheritance. Living and Leading by Faith will show you how God’s power overcomes sins and obstacles to help you experience fully what He intends for your life!

God's Ordinary Giants: Discover Your Role in Advancing God’s Kingdom

by French Harmon

God’s Ordinary Giants will challenge you to become a force for God’s kingdom in this generation—and impact those who will come after you! Get ready to learn more about the heroes of the faith and how you too can become a “spiritual giant.”

When God Speaks: Exploring the Absurd and Outrageous Commands of God

by Dr. Tom Kinnan

The men and women in the Bible who God called to do the unusual were ordinary, uncertain believers—but they were ultimately willing to listen and obey. When God Speaks brings their stories to life with wisdom and practical application for all who seek to follow God.

I Am Called: Answering the Call of God with a Life on a Mission

by Ryan Brooks

Imagine the impact your life will have when you walk fully in your God-given identity and purpose. God reconciled you to Himself so you could point others toward Him in turn. Begin reading I Am Called today, and wake up to your ultimate responsibility—helping restore others’ relationships with God through Jesus Christ!

There Is More to Life: Moving from the Finite Limits of Self to the Immeasurable Expanse of God

by Dr. Tom Kinnan

Through four decades of ministry, Dr. Tom Kinnan has firsthand experience of the immeasurably more God offers every believer. Pick up a copy of There is More to Life if you feel like you’re missing something in this life, and it will help you tap into the Immeasurably More of a relationship with Christ and His church!

Move!: Entering into God's Promises for You

by Tim Hatch

Change can leave you breathless with anticipation or doubled over with dread, but refusing to move at all results in missing the growth, opportunities, and joy that God desires to give you. If you are facing the unexpected, sensing God’s leading toward a new opportunity, or wondering how to break out of spiritual stagnation, Move! will help you discover His loving plan and purpose for you during this season of change.