Our bookshelf

Called to Stay

by Caleb Breakey

An honest look at the church, the problem with Millennials leaving, and the stark reality of why the church desperately needs them.

Dating like Airplanes

by Caleb Breakey

A new way of dating that's intentional, determined, and ascends to the kind of romance you so desire but seriously doubt possible.

Extreme Faith Workout

by Dr. Branddon A. Mays

Build an indestructible, mind-blowing faith no matter what shape you’re in right now!

Before You Send Them Out

by Dr. Oscar T. Moses

Learn to be an effective, empowered disciple of Christ in just 5 steps!

God's Will > Your Plan

by Jody Moore

Discover what the story of Jonah can teach you about embracing your call, purpose, and identity.