Our bookshelf


by Jack Hilligoss

Dive into a conversation about topics we would rather not discuss.

Walking in the Word

by Leon R. Gooden Jr.

The Holy Bible is filled with wisdom that will strengthen your character and deepen your walk with the Lord. Discover encouraging lessons and practical applications woven throughout the Word.

The Power of One: Pursuing Unity and Purpose in the Body of Christ

by Anthony Pelt

What did Jesus mean when He prayed that you would be one with Him and with other Christians? Discover the power of One to experience a life charged with purpose and united with Him and His people!

4 Absurd Decisions God Wants You to Make Today

by Caleb Breakey

Have you ever felt adrift, or wondered how close to God you truly are? Here is the good news: a few simple yet crucial decisions in your life could fill you with faith and allow God to revitalize you spiritually with the power of His presence! Now is the moment to fulfill His desire for you by making four key decisions. Are you ready to jump feet first into absurd faith?

Called to Stay

by Caleb Breakey

An honest look at the church, the problem with Millennials leaving, and the stark reality of why the church desperately needs them.

Dating like Airplanes

by Caleb Breakey

A new way of dating that's intentional, determined, and ascends to the kind of romance you so desire but seriously doubt possible.