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Better: God’s Plan > My Plan

by Jason Hanash

If you are ready to find out what life God’s way is all about, read Better: God’s Plan > My Plan for a powerful, practical look at how you can live for something lasting and fulfilling.

Gaurding Your Eden

by Chris Mitchell Jr.

Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, found it tempting to heed the enemy’s suggestions that ultimately distract and distance you from the loving heart of your Father God. Be encouraged with practical wisdom to start living in the power and contentment of your relationship with Christ.

There Has To Be More

by Darius Francis

The world is full of those who endlessly strive for more, and those who settle for the status quo. But God has another way - a life where He abundantly gives you His best. Find out how God is on your side - ready to lead you into a deeper walk and greater purpose!

Radical Release

by Mackenzie Kambizi

Have you ever thought: “I can never forgive them for what they did”? Radical Release will show you how to stop wasting your spiritual, emotional, and physical capital on poisonous grudges and pointless bitterness—and how to start living in the freedom, joy, and love of a forgiven and forgiving heart.

Think on These Things

by Michael Carter

In this insightful and uplifting book, Michael Carter offers biblical wisdom to help you control of your thoughts so your thoughts no longer control you. Think on These Things helps develop the mind of Christ at the core of your thought life.

The Rebuilder

by Christopher Lewis

Fill your heart with hope, vision, and determination to see God work in what may seem like an impossible dream of restoration! Chris Lewis' walks you through some rich insights drawn from Nehemiah and personal experiences.