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I Am Not Defeated: 10 Ways to Demolish Mental Demons

by Doug Robins

Most people recognize the challenges of trauma, depression, and anxiety, and some are willing to explore what the Bible says about finding hope and healing from these dark forces. No matter where you are in your faith or the trials you’ve endured, I Am Not Defeated is sure to arm you with the tools you need to begin your healing journey.

Jesus Never Said Anything New

by Matt Rosenberg

When Jesus, known to His people as Yeshua, came on the scene in first-century Israel, His hearers weren’t surprised by His message, but by His authority. Jewish and Gentile believers alike will glean deeper understanding from Jesus Never Said Anything New, as Rabbi Rosenberg builds the case for why the Jewishness of Jesus is as relevant for Christians and Jews today as it was two thousand years ago.

The G.I. Joe of Genesis: What God-Inspired Joseph Teaches Us About Dreams, Forgiveness, and Finishing Strong

by David Rutherford

Read The G.I. Joe of Genesis and you will experience a powerful, personal look into what it means to be a hero—making the hard choices day after day to live a life of purpose, purity, sacrifice, and selflessness.

In Reverence and Awe: The Practice of Leading Worship with Excellence

by Enoch Liao

In Reverence and Awe is a comprehensive guide to the challenges and opportunities of worship leadership with a special focus on small-church settings. This book offers invaluable perspective, wisdom, and hands-on support that will encourage, inspire, and better prepare you to lead your church in honoring God through worship.

Shark Weak: Overcoming the Weaknesses That Bite

by Jeremy McGarity

Life is rarely a leisurely swim. If you are ready to get out of shark-infested waters and onto the solid rock of faith, Shark Weak will give you practical tools to change your thinking, your feeling, and your living so that you can enjoy the freedom and peace God has planned for you.

Words of Endearment: The Ten Commandments As a Revelation of God's Love

by Dr. William B. Coker Sr.

The Ten Commandments: the ultimate list of “thou shalt nots,” or an expression of divine love? These ten “words” are far from a historic code or a legal obligation. If you are ready to grow in God’s plan for you, delve into Words of Endearment: The Ten Commandments As a Revelation of God’s Love.