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Transformational Love

by AJ Silva

Are you ready to be completely transformed into the image of Christ Himself? Prepare yourself to see other people through God’s eyes—and with the heart of Jesus!

Power from Above for Turmoil Below: A Verse-by-Verse Exploration of Second Corinthians

by William Sturm

The Christian life is meant for more than comfort and the American dream. Join Pastor William J. Sturm, as he walks through 2 Corinthians, verse-by-verse, to demonstrate the triumphant power of the gospel in everyday life.

Our Will is God's Will: Using Our Will to Pursue God's Will for a Glorious Life

by Hermon Cotton

What if there truly were clear ways to know and understand God’s will, instead of living in fear that you’re missing His plan? Hermon Cotton searches out the Scriptures to discover what God has revealed to us about our will and how it is an image of His will.

Mindfulness: Overcoming the Power of Fear and Anxiety

by Aaron Kelly

Through personal and pastoral experiences with people of all ages, Pastor Aaron Kelly understands the insidious grip that fear and anxiety can have on our minds and spiritual lives. Drawing on scriptural illustrations, he offers four key steps that every person can implement to overcome fear and anxiety once and for all.

Triumphant in Tragedy

by Kolbe Hill

Imagine you were living the life you had always dreamed of—and suddenly it came crashing down around you. With unabashed honesty, firsthand insights, and a rewarding dose of humor, Pastor Kolbe Hill recounts his personal struggles with an unexpected and life-threatening tragedy.

Operation Save Our Pastors: A Guide to Overcoming Pastoral Burnout

by Dr. Lejoia I. VanHook, Ed.D

Operation Save Our Pastors provides you and your church with tools to build a healthy, sustainable pastor—congregation relationship based on understanding, empathy, and encouragement.