Our bookshelf

The Holy of Holies

by Logan Wolf

Begin reading The Holy of Holies and accept its invitation to a deeper understanding of the heritage of our worship and the magnificence of our Savior!

The Abiding Disciple

by Nate Sweeney

The Abiding Disciple will brush away the cultural myths and carnal misconceptions surrounding the Christian life. Jesus offers you far more than conversion or religion—He is ready to give you a transforming, abiding, joy-filled relationship with Him.

Create in Me

by Aaron Dailey

If you are ready to stop trying to climb your way to God in your own efforts and to allow the Master Creator to shape you according to His perfect purpose and design, Create in Me will give you practical encouragement and draw you deeper into a loving, covenant relationship with Jesus Christ.

Frame Your Future

by Dr. Willie L. Bradley Jr.

The difference between a good life and a great life is intentionality. Make an exceptional choice today by diving into your copy of Frame Your Future—as you lay out your own plan to stop trying to be good and start being great in Christ!

Church Undivided

by Bob Ingle

God calls us not only into community with other believers, but unity as well. With community comes great challenges, as we are all sinners. Church Undivided details God’s vision for unity in His church and Paul's guidance to create it within our own churches.

Growing to Love God's Word

by Joseph Davis

Are you ready to listen to God and learn from Him? Are you ready to see lasting change and lifelong consistency in your Christian walk? Do you need grace in the face of your failures, temptations, and suffering? Then read Growing to Love God’s Word to find a powerful antidote for the prevailing darkness and despair of this world. Let God introduce you to the gift of His Word—the most incredible, transforming treasure you will ever encounter.