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The Abiding Church

by Nate Sweeney

Move beyond church growth strategies to the greater call of a spiritually growing church, with Nate Sweeney's inspiring look at the joy and fruitfulness of a gospel-centered, disciple-making fellowship that lives and thrives in Christ.

Shifting Into High Gear

by J. W. Jasper

You can keep spinning your wheels -- or you can let God transform your walk with Him. J. W. Jasper's Shifting into High Gear will help you to kick-start changes in your heart and your life as sluggish Christianity gives way to dynamic, Spirit-filled living!

The Nehemiah Challenge: Rebuilding the Broken Gates of Your Life

by Craig D. Hayes

Time is too precious to waste it on anything less than God's plan for you. The Nehemiah Challenge will give you the tools and inspiration you need to build your life on God's truth -- and to leave a legacy for those who come after you to do the same.

Abiding in Identity: Who I Am Because of Whose I Am

by Nate Sweeney

No job, no family relationship, no personality type or nationality or accomplishment can offer you what Christ does: an abiding identity of righteousness in Him. Nate Sweeney takes us deeper still in this powerful study of the Christian identity.

Rescuing Revelation: A Fresh Perspective on an Ancient Vision

by Monty C. Wright

Unlock the essential, life-changing truths in the Book of Revelation without getting entangled in misinterpretation and intimidation! Rev. Monty C. Wright takes us step by step through the Book of Revelation, digging out the intended meaning of the text by examining the historical and cultural contexts in which it was originally received as well as how it connects to other Scripture.

No Greater Love: Learning from Jesus' Agape Love

by Larry Mouton

Hearsay isn’t enough when it comes to the Savior of the world! This personable and practical book will offer you a renewed appreciation for your Lord and Savior—and for His distinct brand of love for every person!