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No More Dating in the Dark: How to Navigate Dating Relationships in the Light of Biblical Principles

by Kenneth Harper

God has a plan for your dating relationships and guides you in the decisions and details that shape your love life. Read No More Dating in the Dark to learn how applying God’s Word to your dating life can make this a season of experiencing God’s blessing, leadership, and provision.

Healthy Church: Ten Spiritual Practices for Healthy Believers and Churches

by Craig Tackett

Whether you are a veteran of vocational church ministry or a church member desiring to thrive in a biblically sound, Christ-centered church, Healthy Church will help you and your church community perform a spiritual self-diagnostic. Get ready to become a healthier church together!

Self-Feeders: A Personal and Corporate Key to Lasting Fruit in the Christian Life

by Todd Doxzon

Are you missing out on the full experience of a relationship with God? In Self-Feeders, Doxzon explains how a decision to read his Bible daily brought lasting change to his life—and how it can change yours, too.

The Kingdom Field Guide: Keys to Finding God’s Really Real Kingdom

by Brian Steele

Get ready to discover God’s life-changing kingdom in your life through tangible, memorable learning experiences. The Kingdom Field Guide ushers you into fulfillment and wholeness as God’s kingdom comes—in and through you.

Money Before Marriage

by John Ramsey

If your finances are in a mess, if your credit cards are out of control, if you never seem to have quite enough, or if you are simply ready to see real change in your financial situation, this book offers you a starting place for your new mindset regarding money.

Waiting Without Worrying

by Mackenzie Kambizi

If you are going through a time of uncertainty, change, and delay, Waiting Without Worrying will offer you the hope and direction you need as you watch God’s timing and plans unfold.