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Operation Save Our Pastors: A Guide to Overcoming Pastoral Burnout

by Dr. Lejoia I. VanHook, Ed.D

Operation Save Our Pastors provides you and your church with tools to build a healthy, sustainable pastor—congregation relationship based on understanding, empathy, and encouragement.

Renewal: Grace and Redemption in the Story of Ruth

by Jerome Gay Jr.

Prepare to be inspired and rejuvenated by an ancient story of unlikely romance, whose timeless themes resonate through Scripture to provide hope for those who have experienced loss and disappointment.

Say What!?

by Jack Hilligoss

Learn to recognize Jesus for who He really is as you live out His purpose for your life!

Seeking Answers, Finding Rest

by Hart Ramsey

It’s time to trust God enough to make your prayer life truly about Him. Discover real peace in a prayerful, faithful life that leaves God room to work powerfully in you!

Sold-Out Stewardship

by Major A Stewart

What if giving to God were not a painful duty but a joyful outpouring? Imagine if you could give and give but never run out!


by Jai Haulk

Become a stronger, more effective Christian for God’s Kingdom—starting today!