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No Greater Love: Learning from Jesus' Agape Love

by Larry Mouton

Hearsay isn’t enough when it comes to the Savior of the world! This personable and practical book will offer you a renewed appreciation for your Lord and Savior—and for His distinct brand of love for every person!

The Grace Life: What Philippians Teaches Us About Loving One Another Relentlessly

by Joseph Davis

Pastor Joseph Davis takes Paul’s letter to his favorite church, the Philippians, and applies its teaching to modern-day believers. You will be challenged, humbled, and inspired by Paul’s love and dedication as you discover how to lead a life of supernatural grace.

Loving Jesus, Transforming Lives: Experiencing and Imparting the Extravagant Love of God

by Michael Carter

Imagine experiencing the love of God so powerfully that it transforms your life and flows through you to help and heal others in your life. In this book, Michael Carter explores the life-changing effects of embracing God’s extravagant love for you.

The Measure of a Christian

by Tim May

In this book, Pastor Tim May draws from the deep well of Scripture to get back to the basics of how God expects you to act toward Him and toward your fellow human beings. You will gain renewed appreciation for what it truly means to commit to God as a follower of His Son and believer in His Word.

In Pursuit of the Greatest Gift: What the Love Chapter Reveals About Godly Living!

by John R Strubhar

God’s love has the power to reorient our whole life. By unpacking the nitty-gritty details of 1 Corinthians 13, Dr. John R. Strubhar longs to show Christians how godly love is the greatest gift to be experienced and shared with others.

Transformational Love

by AJ Silva

Are you ready to be completely transformed into the image of Christ Himself? Prepare yourself to see other people through God’s eyes—and with the heart of Jesus!