Our Mission

SermonToBook.com began with a simple belief:

that sermons should be touching lives,

not collecting dust. 

Our mission is to make Jesus famous by turning your sermons into books and sharing them with the world through state-of-the-art marketing platforms. 

The words Caleb Breakey longs to hear at the end of his life were penned hundreds of years before his birth in Numbers 14:24: "But my servant Caleb, because he has a different spirit in him and has followed me fully, I will bring into the land."

Caleb is the CEO of SermonToBook.com and SpeakItToBook.com, and author of the Amazon #1 Best-Selling book in Church Growth, Called To Stay​, along with Dating Like AirplanesSermon Crunch, and The String.

His first book was a finalist for the ECPA Christian Book Award, he’s won the prestigious Genesis Contest put on by American Christian Fiction Writers, and he’s studied under some of the greats in Christian writing such as Jerry B. Jenkins (Left Behind), Ted Dekker (Circle Series), and numerous others. Caleb is a graduate of the Christian Writers Guild’s highest level, and he’s taught at all of the major Christian writers conferences across the nation.

Caleb is a Clickfunnels 2 Comma Award Winner specializing in building pastors into ministry thought leaders. He has been featured in Conscious Millionaire, Christianity Today, Entrepreneur Hour, Outreach Magazine, Your First Thousand Clients, Pro Church Tools, Executive After Hours, and Moving Forward Leadership. 

After Caleb successfully published his first books, he asked himself a very important question:


How many pastors with God-inspired ideas give up before they ever write their book?


Then he discovered that he could be the person to help those pastors achieve publication and finish what God had started in their hearts. Now through Sermon to Book, Caleb has helped publish the work of hundreds of pastors from coast to coast, establishing pastors as ministry thought leaders by writing their authentic book and building their impactful platform that captivates, educates, and motivates lives in unprecedented ways. His mission is to ...

  • Establish pastors as a ministry thought leader to prepare them for global reach
  • Complete their book in less than one-hundredth of the normal time it takes to publish processionally so they can continue focusing on their current responsibilities and ministry ventures
  • Reach their ideal readers so that the message God put on their heart can inspire and transform as many people as possible. 


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Founder & CEO


"My mission is to perfect book ideas and build author platforms in the most lean and state-of-the-art way possible, guiding exceptional pastors into the role of ministry thought leader so they can reach, inspire, and transform people in need of hope and transformation."


Can't get enough of:

Jesus, writing, coffee with my wife, and reading business books and thrillers.


Co-Founder & Podcast Production


"I oversee our podcast production to further our mission of drawing out the best stories and insights from pastors and Christian leaders."


Can't get enough of:

Thai food, coffee, chocolate, inside jokes with siblings, and family time with my husband, Mini Husky and Sheba-Inu.




"I work closely with Caleb and team to oversee the growth of Sermon To Book and develop authors into ministry thought leaders."


Can't get enough of:

Leadership, motorcycles, team building, the ocean, sales, coffee and ice cream, inspiration, and motivation.


Chief of Staff


"I assist our CEO in executing our vision through strategy and accountability, as well as ensure we are operating efficiently and effectively as a company."


Can't get enough of:

Knowing Jesus, quality time with friends and family, reading good books, fun at the beach, and coffee.


Head of Marketing


"I lead our Internet marketing team to test and build funnels that convert for our clients."


Can't get enough of:

God's Word, weightlifting, internet marketing, my family and pizza.


Head of Editorial


"I make sure our manuscripts are in top-notch shape before publication."


Can't get enough of:

Tolkien, cheesy '80s music, and watching terrible movies with his favorite people.


Social Media Manager


"I oversee the captioning and images for our social media platforms, giving you a little window into who we are, what we do, and where we’re going."


Can't get enough of:

Learning to apply the gospel to everyday life, quality time with my hubby, and reading to our three boys.


Head of Web Mastery


"I manage the web strategy and presentation of SermonToBook.com."


Can't get enough of:

White chocolate mochas, dancing, intentional acts of kindness.


Lead Ghostwriter


As a ghostwriter, I help exceptional people write authentic books that captivate, educate, and motivate readers.


Can't get enough of:

Reading fiction and playing silly games with my daughter.


Demand Generation Specialist


"I oversee the Facebook ads campaigns we run for our clients to ensure they get the best results possible"


Can't get enough of:

Learning how God wants us to act, sales, marketing, mountain biking, music, self-development books, and fitness.


Lead Project Editor


"I ensure a manuscript meets our standards before delivering a draft to the client."


Can't get enough of:

coffee, reading fiction, sunshine, laughter, quality time with my husband, and snuggles with my babies.


Author Marketing Coordinator


"I make sure all of the moving pieces and parts of our clients’ marketing needs are met”


Can't get enough of:

Traveling, organizing, coffee (all the coffee!) and spending time with my family


Head of Author Acquisitions


"I help potential authors see the value of publishing their book. I use their vision to craft their publishing goals and strategically set them up for success."


Can't get enough of:

Jesus, family time, ministry, reading, sushi, and football.


Lead Interviewer


"I help bring context, meaning, and value tailored to your big idea by shaping a solid outline for your excellent book that will challenge, encourage, and empower lives across the globe."


Can't get enough of:

Adventures through God’s Word, coffee and dark chocolate, pistachios, books, learning, traveling, conferences, and asking just one more question.


Financial Manager


"I lead financial management efforts to enable business execution."


Can't get enough of:

Time with family and friends, fitness, traveling, and summer days.


Book Director


"I help people crystalize their ideas and turn the spoken word into the written word."


Can't get enough of:

Time with my wife, time in God’s Word, playing with my kids, reading, playing piano, dark chocolate, film scores and movies.


Director of Strategic Partnerships & the Riskers Podcast


“I help connect the right people for the right work. Cultivating partnerships and building relationships that achieve more together drives me daily!”


Can't get enough of:

Early Mornings with God, eating great food with my wife, laughing hysterically with my kids, and playing the piano.

Boone, Winnie, and Stormie



"We spend our days asking for treats, playing with our favorite toys, and telling visitors that we are neither a couple of wolves nor a fox."


Can't get enough of:

Did we say treats? Walks in the park. And going to the library with our human pets.

Ministry Partners

  • Andre Mitchell

    “I highly recommend Sermon To Book for your publication needs. I used them for publication of my second book. The first thought that comes to mind is integrity. Every interaction I had with Caleb was handled with great class and integrity. Secondly, I felt like I was dealing with family. As fellow believers it felt like we were both helping each other glorify our Heavenly Father through publication, and not just doing business transactions. It was a wonderful experience that sets the standard for how Christian companies should do business.”


    Andre Mitchell

    Andre Mitchell Ministries

  • Dr. Oscar T. Moses

    “I weighed my options with several publishers before making a decision as to who would be entrusted to the work that has my life passion in it. Caleb Breakey and Sermon To Book was a sigh of relief. Caleb is unashamedly Christian and operates with a spirit of excellence, integrity and impeccable character. He made the process of publishing easy and rewarding. He listened to my passion, asked specific questions about my expectations, made himself available for my concerns with ready answers and literally walked me through the process. Words cannot describe the feeling of great accomplishment in publishing my first book through Sermon To Book. Sermon To Book Publishing is truly a professional Christian company that provides full-scale publishing at a reasonable cost with maximum results. I thank God for utilizing Caleb for 'such a time as this.’”


    Dr. Oscar T. Moses

    Before You Send Them Out

  • Jack Hilligoss

    “Many pastors have dreams and even a sense of 'calling' to expand the influence of their preaching and teaching through writing. No one makes that dream more attainable than Caleb Breakey at Sermon to Book. I have had a desire to write and publish a book for years. I have researched a myriad of publishing possibilities, but there was always a list of obstacles that kept me from following through. It is a familiar list-time, cost, and lack of knowledge of how to create and market a product I could be proud of. The Sermon to Book system anticipates and addresses every one of those concerns. Once I learned what they provided there simply was no reason for me not to go forward with my "calling" and "dream." This year I will publish not one but two books through Caleb's company and I see the way clear to do more in the future. If you feel called to write, you will not find a better service than Sermon to Book.”


    Jack Hilligoss

    High Point Church

  • James Thomas

    “I couldn't believe how simple the Sermon To Book team made the process.”


    James Thomas

    Spending Time With God

  • Malcolm Walls

    “They say it is always good to shop around. I did that, and no matter how much I looked, I still came back to "Sermon to Book". They took the time and explained to me the process of self-publishing.  I was never rushed to finish my book and they did a great job of encouraging me. Once finished, the book quality was just as good if not better than  larger publishing companies. As a pastor "Sermon To Book" exceeded my expectations, provided great customer service, outstanding quality, and a love for God. If you are looking; look no further. Choose Sermon To Book.”


    Malcolm Walls

    Two Good Days

  • Pastor Jody Moore

    “Words are ineffable. I am blown away by your work. I am literally speechless and so thankful for your gift of stringing words together so eloquently. I sensed this was a 'God thing' from the start, and our interactions with each other have been a witness to that fact.”


    Pastor Jody Moore

    God's Will > Your Life

  • Rick Tidwell

    “They say it is always good to shop around. I did that, and no matter how much I looked, I still came back to "Sermon to Book". They took the time and explained to me the process of self-publishing.  I was never rushed to finish my book and they did a great job of encouraging me. Once finished, the book quality was just as good if not better than  larger publishing companies. As a pastor "Sermon To Book" exceeded my expectations, provided great customer service, outstanding quality, and a love for God. If you are looking; look no further. Choose Sermon To Book.”


    Rick Tidwell

    The Main Thing

  • Scott Sanders

    “I had wanted to publish a book for years but could never get my messages in written form to edit and publish. In October 2014, a good friend introduced me to SermonToBook.com and Caleb. I had a rough manuscript that had been sitting in my desk for 8 months. I sent my manuscript to Caleb and in less than 2 months, my book was published and being sold on Amazon.com. The speed of editing and getting the book to market was phenomenal. Thank you so much Caleb and SermonToBook.com for helping me publish my first book.”


    Scott Sanders

    Rhema International Ministries, Inc

  • Steve Bozeman

    “Sermon to Book is absolutely the best publication resource I can recommend. Their handling of my first book and subsequent books of several of our covenant pastors has been impeccable.”


    Steve Bozeman

    New Beginnings Church of Atlanta



Relationships First

Individuals and relationships are what matter. If the project is disconnected from the person, it loses what makes it influential.

Transcendent Success

We help our authors relentlessly pursue a type of success that transcends monetary success—living a life of significance. When you are chasing a life of greatness, you experience freedom and joy while humanity is blessed from your efforts. 

In Pursuit of Excellence

We are the best at what we do, and we want to stay that way. Our standard of excellence means that we are lifelong students of our craft so that we better ourselves, our clients, and the world.