The Secret to These Best-Selling Authors and Keynote Speakers: A Sermon Series


And just like that, a new year is upon us. As I reflect on 2018, I am overwhelmingly humbled by the life-changing work God has allowed us to accomplish through Sermon to Book. In 2018 we were able to publish twenty—that’s right, twenty—new books that are making a difference in this world, books that would never have existed if it weren’t for pastors deciding to turn their sermons into books. Amazing.

As a pastor, you have accumulated years, possibly decades, of wisdom and encouragement. At one time, those sermons were new, but now they’re discarded, probably sitting in a computer file somewhere.

And I’m here to tell you, those sermons are just waiting to be repackaged and repurposed. Sermon to Book turns something that was tossed aside and forgotten into something new and accessible, not just to your congregation, but to the whole world.

We have watched our authors become Amazon best-selling authors, become keynote conference speakers, and develop a loyal fan base—all because they decided to repurpose that which was forgotten. It’s inspiring to watch.

And because I am so proud of our authors, I’d like to show them off a bit. Below you’ll find my favorite quotes from the books we published in 2018.

As you read each one, I want you to ponder what sermon series you would like on this list in 2019.

“The greatest richness of Heaven is found in the face of Jesus Christ.”

Power from Above for Turmoil Below

William J. Sturm
Sermon To Book, February 2018

“Wherever Jesus walks, He demonstrates the qualities and attitudes found in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Therefore, He calls us to live out this list of love, emulating Him, as we follow Him with our whole heart.”

In Pursuit of the Greatest Gift: What the Love Chapter Reveals About Godly Living
John R. StrubharSermon To Book, February 2018

“The living God pursues us, no matter how often or how fast we run. If you don’t believe me, just ask Jonah.”

Life Worth Living: What the True Story of Jonah Teaches Us About God and Living on His Terms

John Strubhar
Sermon To Book, February 2018

“The word of God is the only plumb line in a mixed-up, humanistic world, and should be what unifies the body of Christ… division in the church is caused when God’s people are not willing to diligently obey His word.”

Body Parts: Becoming the Unified Body of Christ

Lionel Childress
Sermon To Book, February 2018

“The prayers of Christians in my life have proven to me that real praying is not self-centered, but is fueled by a desire to see God’s kingdom take control.”

Growing Your Prayer Life: Six Principles to Plant Deeper Roots and Bear Greater Fruit

Dale Roach
Sermon To Book, March 2018

“We hear a lot about what sons ought to do for the [spiritual] father, but not enough about what the [spiritual] fathers ought to do for the sons.”

More than a Mentor: Understanding and Growing in Your Relationship with Your Spiritual Father

Randy Borders
Sermon To Book, March 2018

“Man was made in God’s image and likeness for a profound reason: like Jesus, we are to be the expression of God’s glory, not just to one another, but throughout the universe.”

Our Will Is God's Will: Using Our Will to Pursue God’s Will for a Glorious Life

Hermon Cotton
Sermon To Book, June 2018

“In my twenty-one years working for the largest consumer products company in the world, I have yet to find a business problem that I could not solve with what I love about Star Wars--a great story.”

StoryMythos: A Movie Guide to Better Business Stories

Shane Meeker
Speak It To Book, July 2018

“These are essential things pastors deal with on a daily basis, but they often remain unspoken… many pastors feel overwhelmed and ill-equipped to cope with the stress that’s encountered in ministry.”

Operation Save Our Pastors: A Guide to Overcoming Pastoral Burnout

LeJoia I. VanHook
Sermon To Book, July 2018

“We want God to transfer us out of our pain. God wants to transform us through our pain.”

Suffer Well: Walking Victoriously Through Your Valleys

Dan Herod
Sermon To Book, July 2018

“God’s rescue is not about delivering us away from the physical creation, but together with the physical, ridding creation of sin’s destructive presence.”

The Dawn of the New Creation: Exploring the Christian Hope as Told by Revelation

Brayden Rockne Brookshier
Sermon To Book, September 2018

“There’s nothing ordinary about God. When we understand that, we realize that the absurd and outrageous things in His world are normal. They’re expected. They’re anticipated. And they’re for our good.”

When God Speaks: Exploring the Absurd and Outrageous Commands of God

Tom Kinnan
Sermon To Book, October 2018

“A relationship that is healthy and worth pursuing to the end is the one that is mutually beneficial… Spouses don’t fill our needs; rather, they bring out the best in us.”

One Night Stand: Principles for Avoiding the Pitfalls of Ungodly Relationships and Setting the Stage for Successful Marriages and Families

John F. Ramsey Sr.
Sermon To Book, October 2018

“A true abiding Church will produce fully devoted followers of Christ; that is to say--disciples.”

The Abiding Church: Creating, Cultivating, and Stewarding a Culture of Discipleship

Nate Sweeney
Sermon To Book, October 2018

“Being merciful is aiding the afflicted, helping the wretched, and rescuing the miserable.”

Abiding at the Feet of Jesus: A Study on the Beatitudes

Nate Sweeney
Sermon To Book, October 2018

“If you are saying to yourself, ‘It’s me and Jesus together against the world,’ that’s not actually the will of God for your life.”

Loving Jesus, Transforming Lives: Experiencing and Imparting the Extravagant Love of God

Michael A. Carter
Sermon To Book, November 2018

“All people matter to God, even difficult people. Even you. God calls Christians to help others realize that whoever they are, wherever they come from, and whatever point they are at in their lives, they matter to Him.”

The Measure of a Christian: Living for a Legacy in Christ

Tim May
Sermon To Book, November 2018

“The more we do the will of God, the more joy we will have in life and the more peace we will have.”

No Greater Love: Learning from Jesus’ Agape Love

Larry Mouton
Sermon To Book, November 2018

“Being aware that we are not saved by our own efforts but by God’s grace alone makes our hearts overflow and allows us to respond with relentless gratitude.”

The GraceLife: What Philippians Teaches Us About Loving One Another Relentlessly

Joseph Davis
Sermon To Book, November 2018

“This revelation was intended to anchor people to Jesus since the whole book is about Him, from beginning to end.”

Rescuing Revelation: A Fresh Perspective on an Ancient Vision

Monty C. Wright
Sermon To Book, December 2018

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, dear pastor.

Hope to see your name on our 2019 book list.

Brayden Brookshier


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