3 Reasons Why You Should Write A Book This Year


Book sales and readership are on a dramatic rise. Surprisingly, despite our moment-to-moment, distraction-filled world, people are taking more time to nurture their life with impactful books.

With that in mind, here are my 3 reasons why you should write another book this year...

1. A new book means a new audience.

If you have a book, you have influence—but that doesn’t mean your influence has peaked. One of the best ways to extend your influence is to write another book. There’s no better way to stay relevant. A new title attracts new people—people who are searching for answers to a variety of different questions. And as your audience grows, so do your opportunities. For example, speaking engagements are one of the best ways to leverage your book, but that is next month’s topic, so stay tuned.

2. Continue to feed your fans with more content.

As a writer, you have fans. Maybe they don’t wear a jersey with your name on it, or draft you in their fantasy league, but you have earned the trust of those who look to you, and that is an enormous privilege.

3. Writing more books spark the sales of your first book—and vice versa.

Almost every time a new book comes out from an author, guess which book tends to trend in sales? It all boils down to trust. When someone connects with your message, they also connect with the messenger. It’s not just what is said—it’s also about who says it, and how they say it. And the more connected someone feels to you, the more they will want to hear from you in the form of your upcoming books.

When it comes to your platform, you have to strike while the iron is hot. A book is the first step in a larger process—not the final one. And another book spurs your readers ever closer to their God-given destiny.

Above all, we want to encourage you to keep striving to do all you can in the world. We are cheering for you. Let's take your knowledge and wisdom and turn it into tremendous books that continue touching lives and building your platform.

Feel free to schedule a call with me to discuss your next book. We would be glad to give you the perspective and direction to start moving toward this multi-book resolution today.

Let’s continue to spread the fame and glory of King Jesus in 2019!


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Caleb Breakey


Caleb Breakey's super power is making it possible for busy people to share their ideas, experiences, and stories with the world. In addition to being an award-winning author and 7-figure marketer, he is also a husband, speaker, relationship builder, and entrepreneur. You can work with him and finally write your book at SpeakItToBook.com and SermonToBook.com.

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