So, how does this work?

Publishing with Sermon to Book is a full-service experience. We take you from a sermon series (in any format) to a professionally published book.

Did you know that you can have almost 0 touch on the entire process until you have a day to read and approve the final proof?

No publishing hassle
No formatting complications.
No frustration trying to write your first draft
We do everything in top-notch quality with a focused team of experts in every part of the process.

The Sermon To Book method is designed for busy pastors.

Our system saves you time and energy so that your focus remains exactly where it should: on your flock.

Real quick,
let’s look behind the scenes and see what kind of time commitment will be required.

Book Creation Process

STEP 01 - Refining

Before digging into your sermons, we refine your idea for a book until it's crystal clear.

STEP 02 - Outlining

We use your sermon series to create an outline for your book.

STEP 03 - 7-Point Ghostwriting

We write your book using your words and our 7-point writing system to connect with your ideal reader.

STEP 04 - Workbook

We help readers interact with your book via question prompts, action summaries, and space to write down their thoughts!

STEP 05 - Proofreading

Readers expect a published work to be free of mistakes. We do, too. We also help to cite your quoted or paraphrased sources as endnotes and verify the verbatim accuracy of scriptural quotations.

STEP 06 - Design

Our outstanding design team produces covers in collaboration with you. We'll make sure you love the final result. 

STEP 07 - Sales Copy (Back Cover)

Every person in the world is facing a unique spiritual struggle. Our marketing team helps your book address that need by capturing its heartbeat in a concise and compelling manner so that the reader will be obliged to read further, in search of answers and healing. 

STEP 08 - Publication

We publish your book in both print and digital formats, making it available for purchase on major platforms. Time to celebrate! 

STEP 09 - Host a Book Launch Party! (Optional but highly recommended)

The book launch party might be our favorite part. Publishing a book is a thrilling accomplishment. But celebrating with fellow brothers and sisters, friends and family? That's even better. We'll provide the blueprint for how to do your book launch right. 

STEP 10 - Audiobook (Optional!)

We create an audiobook version and publish it through (a branch of This allows readers to consume your book during their commute to and from work, or during their morning run. This option costs $5,000 extra.

STEP 11 - Book Launch Marketing

We get your book in people's hands by employing our perfected launch strategy. We'll use the latest marketing techniques to take your book to bestseller status in its category on Amazon during the book's 30-day launch window. We'll also craft your media kit and press release and coach you through getting featured on podcasts and conference stages.

STEP 12 - Soul-Impacting Pastor Marketing (Optional!)

A step above our default package, we build an entire marketing funnel for you based on your book. We make a small ebook out of your book to attract more readers, create a series of webpages, and run ads for you. As a result, you'll build an email list, sell more books, and even sell add-on products of your choice. If you want to impact souls around the world with your book, this package is for you. (This requires you to upgrade to the Soul-Impacting Pastor package).

STEP 13 - Nationwide Kingdom Impact Marketing (Optional!)

We guide you through the development of an online masterclass that's based on your book. We create an opt-in page and bring an audience to your online event. Finally, we build the system for you to automate your masterclass. (This requires you to upgrade to the Nationwide Kingdom Impact package).

STEP 14 - Global Ministry Marketing (Optional!)

We'll bring you out to our office in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for red-carpet treatment. You will meet our team and do an in-person strategy session that will forecast the growth plan for your ministry. In addition, we'll record and edit videos for use in your marketing. (This requires you to upgrade to the Global Ministry package). 


Not For You If You...

  • ...are not ready to invest in your future. Publishing has a cost - but the benefits make it an investment, not an expense.
  • ...think that a book will make you rich. Books are stepping-stones to reaching more lives and building influence, NOT a money-making scheme.
  • ...don't want a team to build your book. A book will always be stronger with a team standing behind it. If you don't feel you need that support, we aren't for you.

Is For You If You...

  • ...are ready to cement your influence and legacy. Books give your message permanence and help you transform the lives of others - perfect for creating a lasting impact.
  • ...are wanting to expand your reach and credibility. A book can connect you to homes, offices, and inboxes that you otherwise would have never been able to reach.
  • ...are ready to build a platform and future with your voice. We can help you use your book as the center of your expanding platform and influence - teaching you all of the tricks of the trade.
  • ...are ready for a team to take your book from good to great! No one can ghostwrite, publish, and market all alone - having a strong team behind your ideas will help make your book a masterpiece.

That’s it! Pretty simple, right?

We hope you are inspired to get started transforming your sermon series into a book.

Caleb Breakey

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