So, how does this work?

Publishing with Sermon to Book is a full-service experience. We take you from a sermon series (in any format) to a professionally published book.

Did you know that you can have almost 0 touch on the entire process until you have a day to read and approve the final proof?

No publishing hassle
No worrying about book cover design
No formatting complications
We do everything in top-notch quality with a focused team of experts in every part of the process.

The Sermon To Book method is designed for busy pastors.

Our system saves you time and energy so that your focus remains exactly where it should: on your flock.

Real quick,
let’s look behind the scenes and see what kind of time commitment will be required.

Book Creation Process

STEP 01 - Transcription

In order for our developmental editors to paint the canvas of your book, they need paint. That’s what transcriptions provide. We will transcribe your sermons, word for word, then bunch flows of thought into paragraphs and cut any irrelevant sections of material.

STEP 02 - Developmental Editing / 7-Point Ghostwriting

Every writer loves their words. But are those words in the right order to communicate powerfully? We will develop your book via our seven-point writing system designed to hook and persuade the reader.

STEP 03 - Workbook

Your book will feature a workbook at the end of each chapter that helps readers interact with the content.

STEP 04 - Title and Subtitle Evaluation

Our mission here to to make sure readers love your title, so our team evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of different title/subtitle combinations.

STEP 05 - Back Cover Copy

Your back cover copy will speak directly to the reader’s pain and clearly lay out the book’s benefits.

STEP 06 - Book Cover Design

You will guide us through the “feel” you want your cover to have, and our world-class design team will create comps for you to review and provide feedback on. Final approval belongs in your hands.

STEP 07 - Line Editing

It's amazing how well we can edit an important document after we've sent it. We're going to edit before we press "send." We will edit for flow, consistency in formatting, content issues, mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation, spacing, and missing words.

STEP 08 - Delivery of Proof for Author Comments / Changes

This is where you make all final tweaks and suggestions before we move your book into the proofreading stage.

STEP 09 - Proofreading

This is where your manuscript heads over to the scary people with enormous red pens. They critique EVERYTHING. We’ll check for any micro-errors and syntax issues.

STEP 10 - Formatting

Books must be formatted correctly in order to print. Why not format them in a way that's also simple and beautiful? We will format your book for both ebook and paperback distribution.

STEP 11 - Notes and Verification

“This book is the best thing I’ve ever read.” — Abraham Lincoln. This is why we review material identified as being from other sources for considerations of accuracy and proper citation.

STEP 12 - Publication Date Set and Book Graphics

Break out the chinaware! Your book will launch on Amazon as a paperback and ebook. We’ll also provide graphics to use on social media accounts.

STEP 13 - Author Copies

There’s nothing quite like opening a package with your books inside. Have some tissues handy. We’ll ship five paperback copies to you.


Optional Done-For-You Marketing

STEP 01 - Caleb's Personal Review and Strategic Planning

Caleb Breakey, the Founder and CEO of who has collaborated on books and writing projects with 6-, 7-, and 8-figure earners and is traditionally published in both fiction and non-fiction, will review the entire work and develop a strategic marketing plan based on the elements below. This includes continued strategizing through the back end of the funnel that maximizes profit (e.g. setting up calls, email opt-ins, coaching/consulting page).

STEP 02 - Funnel Creation Plus Autoresponder Sequences

We will create a stellar book funnel equipped to convert visitors into fans. This may include a traffic siphon, sales page, thank you page, email blast, and autoresponder sequences so that you can build relationships with readers without burning out.

STEP 03 - Review Splash

We will seek out readers willing to write and publish honest reviews of your book in exchange for a free copy. The more social proof for your book, the better.

STEP 04 - Ad Copy and Ad Spend

It’s one thing to build a platform for an author (everything above). It’s another thing to make sure that author has an audience with whom to speak every single day. We’ll write ad copy and design ads to test and use on Amazon and social media sites where your audience may gather. We will then push ideal readers/clients into your book funnel every day. The amount of traffic pushed per month depends on the ad spend allowance chosen.

STEP 05 - Media Kit

We will create a beautifully designed, one-page media kit for easy communication between author and journalists, radio hosts, and podcasters.

STEP 06 - Author Landing Page

We will create a simple and elegant landing page for your potential book buyers. Complete with book description, author bio, and buying options.

STEP 07 - Audiobook

Readers are busy, so they're always looking to pull double-duty with their time. Audiobooks make that possible in many ways. We will create an audiobook version of your book and publish it to (a branch of This allows readers to consume your book during their daily commute or morning jog.

That’s it! Pretty simple, right?

We hope you are inspired to get started transforming your sermon series into a book.

Caleb Breakey

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