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No matter where you are on your path toward ministry thought leadership, we've got you covered. You can view our comprehensive ghostwriting, publishing, and world-class platform-building packages with this HELPFUL PDF, which breaks down the value and your investment. 

Investing in our Sermon To Book process means investing in a trusted team of publishing professionals. We have created a world-class process that aims to impact thousands of lives with your book. We want your shelved sermons to be highlighted, talked about, and passed around as a transformational book.

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Do you have time for a quick story from our founder, Caleb Breakey?


I’ll never forget the voicemail I received from Pastor Steve. It was a summer Saturday afternoon and I was playing badminton with my brothers-in-law.


Normally I don’t return business calls on the weekend, but the passion and enthusiasm in this pastor’s voice was too contagious. Pastor Steve told me about a series he’d preached titled, “My Problems Have Purpose,” and I knew right away we needed to talk about publishing his sermon series.


Pastor Steve had his secretary send us his audio files and we said, “Keep being a pastor. We’ll handle everything for you.” So while Pastor Steve continued his duties as a pastor, we at SermonToBook.com set out to turn his sermon series into a book.


We told Pastor Steve that we valued keeping his book 100% his—because that’s exactly how it should be. Scribes who wrote down everything Paul said in the New Testament didn’t add in their own opinions.


They wrote down what God was saying through Paul. It’s very important to us to preserve the pastor’s original meaning.


Like so many other Pastor-Authors, we contacted Steve, brimming with excitement for him. Finally, the book was ready. He went on to earn back his total investment in less than 60 days.


The point of this story is to encourage you not to let pricing intimidate you out of pursuing something God has put on your heart. We truly want to partner with you and help you publish your sermon series as a book. I cannot wait to talk with you, pray with you, fellowship with you, and watch God work in your book ministry.


Let’s get started.
Caleb Breakey


Caleb Breakey

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Ways to save!

1. Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing allows you to fund your new publishing ministry before your book is even ready. We have even created a special guide that shows you exactly how to use crowdsourcing as a way to raise funds for your book!


Effort required: The more you put in it, the more you will get out of it.

2. Church Ministry Budget​

What is your church using its ministry for? Evangelism, events, materials, missions, conferences, retreats, book studies—all of these are great and proven to reach people. Book ministry can reach thousands of people as well, and never stops giving. Can you make room for this ministry?

Effort required: A board meeting with your church's elders to discuss the possibility of placing funds into a Book Ministry budget.

3. Sermon To Book Referrals

Another great way to save is to tell your pastor friends about SermonToBook.com. If a pastor publishes a book through SermonToBook.com because of your referral, you receive 10% of the total agreement in credit to our services ($750-$3,500). So, if you are well-known in the pastoral community, you can provide other ministry leaders with great service, a great book, and a wonderful publishing experience.


Effort required: Emailing a few pastor friends about your experience with Sermon to Book.

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While we hold nothing against making money, we advise our pastor-authors that starting a book ministry should be no different than starting a soup kitchen. You must go into it completely ministry-minded. Then, if the Lord blesses it, reap financial or ministry-growth gains.



I can devote 1 hour of my time to writing a dedication and bio.

I cannot devote any time to the book creation process.

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We understand. With that, we want you to know that we offer payment plans to spread out the total cost. We truly believe your investment will receive a great return, more than finances, publishing establishes a credibility money can't buy.


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