Why publish with Sermon to Book?

We believe sermons should be touching lives, not collecting dust. That’s why we help busy pastors turn their sermons into books.

Here is a quick glimpse of what makes us stand out as your publishing partner.



We want to be your book ministry partner. This means serving you with the utmost respect, integrity, and trust.



We value your questions and concerns. That’s why you will always have a direct line to our CEO, Caleb Breakey—not a receptionist or generic customer support.



We give our authors 100% net royalties, keeping your readers’ financial support exactly where it should remain—with the author.



We give our authors full rights to their book. This means your finished work doesn’t belong to us. It belongs to you to use as the Lord leads you.



We understand your busy life as a pastor. That’s why our services are tailor-made to save you time and energy.



We don’t merely transcribe your sermons and put them into book form. We are a team of writers, developers, designers, and marketers focused on creating a powerful book that helps spread the gospel.



We are constantly attending the best publishing workshops and conferences in the country to stay one step ahead in book trends and state-of-the-art technology.

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