Our bookshelf

Transformational Love

by AJ Silva

Are you ready to be completely transformed into the image of Christ Himself? Prepare yourself to see other people through God’s eyes—and with the heart of Jesus!

Called to Stay

by Caleb Breakey

An honest look at the church, the problem with Millennials leaving, and the stark reality of why the church desperately needs them.

Dating like Airplanes

by Caleb Breakey

A new way of dating that's intentional, determined, and ascends to the kind of romance you so desire but seriously doubt possible.

The Big 5

by Daniel B Gilbert

Free yourself from human-inspired ideas and habits that sound or feel good, and instead let the foundational truths of Christ’s teaching transform you.

Extreme Faith Workout

by Dr. Branddon A. Mays

Build an indestructible, mind-blowing faith no matter what shape you’re in right now!

Freed to Obey

by Dr. Christopher Leonard

Strengthen your understanding of Paul’s real message in Galatians—a message of unity, inclusion, and obedience, not the division, exclusion, and lawlessness of popular misconception.