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How do you decide on a cover for my book? Will I be involved in that process?

Our team designs a cover that best fits your content. Because of bad past experiences, however, we are not able to offer more than one cover design. If you’d prefer, we do offer a $100 credit for you to work with the designer of your choice (and we can recommend a few of our favorites). At the end of the day, we want your book to be awesome in your eyes. We won't go to print until you feel it's ready.

I’m not sure my preaching style will translate well. How do I know I’ll end up with a quality book?

Every pastor repeats points, ends up on occasional rabbit trails, and says things they’d rather not have in a book. Speaking is naturally very different than writing, and that’s why our company exists! If transcription was all that was needed, there would be many more quality books available today. But, alas, that is not the case. We make sure your sermons are made into a quality book that fits your tone, personality, and style—and it doesn’t ship until you’re happy with it.

What level of input will I have in the rearranging or inserting of content after the initial transcribing is complete?

Your involvement comes down to how much time and effort you’re able to put into the project. Once we receive your audio files, we work on them for several weeks/months, making them the very best we can. We then send you what we call the “Pastor Proof” for your review. Most of the time, pastors love what they see, approve, and we move forward in the process. However, others like to have a more hands-on approach. So we give you the full opportunity to dive in to give feedback, add and subtract, and make tweaks as you see fit. We understand this can take time, so we give you up to six months to work on it if need be—though most pastors only need about a month.

How do I send you my sermons?

We use a neat tool called If you're excited about publishing your sermons and about breathing new life into shelved sermons, then I would love to talk with you. Once we've had a chance to chat, we will provide you with all the material needed to make the process easy and stress free. A tutorial on how to use is included!

Why should you choose Sermon to Book?

Sermon to Book is a new ministry pathway for pastors. Every week, you study and work hard preparing your messages from God's word. But, after Sunday, that sermon gets archived. Maybe one or two people find it on podcast page or a YouTube link. This is where Sermon To Book comes in. We bring all of the publishing services that a pastor needs under one roof, and breathe new life into your sermons by making them available in book form (paperback and ebook), which are easily read and shared. Our mission is to help you use your sermons—your books—to reach more people with God's Word.

What is in it for pastors?

We are not in it for you to hit the New York Times bestsellers list. We are not in it to make you rich. If that is the motivation, then we are the wrong publisher for you. We are in it to help you publish your sermons to reach people with the gospel.


Now, if God wants to take your book to the top of the lists, you bet we are 100% in support of that and want to see it happen! In fact, if God does take your book far, all of your content remains yours. You can even take it to a different publisher. We will help your book go as far as it can.


Finally, publishing helps pastors leave a legacy that keeps preaching the Word of God. When your days as pastor come to an end, you won't just have a box of recordings piled high in boxes. You'll have books that will be passed down to kids, grandkids, and many others you never even knew.


You will get an email here and there and an occasional Facebook message saying, “Hey, your book really meant something to me." This is why I believe you should choose Sermon to Book. This is why what we do is valuable for pastors.

How is Sermon to Book different from other publishers?

Sermon to Book is a small, focused, and tight-knit company. We like it that way. We like that when you schedule a call with us, you talk directly with a decision maker, our CEO Caleb Breakey. Why is that? We view this as a partnership and we are in it to build your book ministry from the ground up. You shouldn't have to start the process by talking to someone who will try to oversell or manipulate you into buying something. Rather, we want you to feel free to share your heart, have an honest conversation, and get good feedback from someone who is experienced.

I don't have money to get started right now. What do I do?

If you haven't already, now would be a great time to check out our crowdsourcing guide. Crowdsourcing allows you to fund your new publishing ministry before your book is even ready. Now, it's not as easy as money just appears—you have to put in the legwork of telling people about your book ministry and asking them if they are interested in pledging toward it. But, when you do those things, it can be a highly rewarding and fun experience in which you raise far more funds than you you anticipated.


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If I started a crowdsourcing page, would I have to pay the book fee upfront?

No. You would simply pay the upfront cost of creating the crowdsourcing campaign. Then, if it does well, you would move forward with your book. Another option is for you to create the crowdsourcing campaign yourself. It all depends on how "techy" you are. Just know that we're here to help!

So how do you get copies of your book after they are published?

When your book is finished and published on all the major online platforms, people everywhere can purchase your book in paperback or ebook format (processing and shipping is handled by the folks at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.).


Now, if you want physical copies of your book, simply let us know how many copies you want and we'll place the order for you (this way we receive a major author discount). Most books cost about $3.99-$4.49 apiece (plus tax/shipping) regardless of quantity. We suggest making all book orders at least two and a half weeks before an event or book launch, as discounted shipments move slow.

Do you offer pre-ordering?

Yes. We can set up a page where people can preorder your book upon request. We believe that crowdsourcing is a more powerful option, but we do have the capabilities of setting up pre-orders for your book while it is in the process of being developed.


Note: Because of the extra work involved, we have to set the price of your book slightly higher than it normally would be in order to make pre-orders possible.

What are the royalties like?

Depending on the package you choose with Sermon to Book, your royalty will be anywhere from 80% to 100% net. This means that you receive 80% to 100% of whatever is left over after the online platforms such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble take their cut for handling the shipping and processing.

How much of a time consumer will this be?

After you send us your audio files, you could theoretically not have one more thread of communication with us until you receive your book in hand. Of course, we want to be in touch with you and develop a relationship with you. It's one of our favorite things! But we understand that as a pastor, you can be extremely busy, and we are in no way offended if there is little communication.


After you have your book in hand, it's up to you how much extra time you want to put into it. Do you want to read the whole book and add a conclusion? Do you want to write an extra introduction? These are decisions that you get to make. You have complete control over the publishing date, and can take as long as you'd like getting the finished product to where you'd like it to be.

Why should I go with and not a transcription company?

Here’s the thing. Transcription does not make a book. Even if we transcribed your sermons and designed a nice book cover, you’d open it up, read a few lines, and say, “This doesn’t flow at all.” Why is that? Because talking and writing are two very different forms of communication. People don’t talk how they write. There is so much development that needs to happen to make your spoken words read like a book.


This might shock you, but on average, we trim 70,000 words of content to 20,000 words. It’s important to note that we are not cutting out the main content. We’re cutting out flabby sentences, rabbit trails, and repeated material.

What’s the difference between your company and other self publishing companies?

Most self-publishing companies are going to require a polished and completed manuscript. We create and publish polished and completed manuscripts.


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